Is artificial intelligence invading privacy rights?

Is artificial intelligence invading privacy rights?

One of the hottest debate topics in today’s COVID-19 world is the proper balance of public safety with personal privacy. The latest actor to take center stage in that discussion is “Artificial Intelligence”. With so much of the world still in quarantine, including law enforcement personnel, governments are turning to technology to help fill in the “enforcement” gaps.

In the United States, Senator Edward Markey sounded the alarm with his concerns about the U.S. government’s interest in using Clearview AI to track people infected with coronavirus.

He tweeted:

We can’t let the need for COVID contact tracing be used as cover by companies like Clearview to build shadowy surveillance networks. I’m demanding Clearview tell us what government entities it has sold its facial recognition tools to during the pandemic.— Ed Markey (@SenMarkey) April 30, 2020

Though, it has always been a challenge to strike the proper balance of personal privacy with public safety, the difficulty of finding that balance has only grown more treacherous with the unknowns of the coronavirus coupled with emotions that are on edge.

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